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As chemically refined oils are the order of the day, Chekko Oil retains the natural goodness as it is extracted using traditional methods without using any artificial or chemical products during the extraction. The oil retains the natural purity and offers authentic taste. The thickness and stickiness of Chekko Oil is unmatched, which is an indicator to identify the quality of any oil.

Groundnut Oil

Chekko Groundnut Oil is the healthiest you can get in the market as it is extracted using traditional cold press methods. Generally, oils produced using cold-pressed methods have found to retain all the natural properties of oil-seeds and has all their nutrients intact. Refining degrades nutritional value of an oil. To improve the shelf life, harmful trans-fats are added in most of the refined oils available in the market, which is certainly not good for health.

Chekko Groundnut Oil is extracted using traditional cold press methods. No chemical refining is done. Hand-picked and healthy groundnut seeds are used to get that authentic taste and purity. Using Chekko Groundnut Oil for cooking can make your meal naturally healthy and nutritious.

Made from sun-dried groundnuts, Chekko groundnut oil is a good source of plant sterols. It also contains resveratrol which is an antioxidant. Dosai, stir fries and sauces taste good with the addition of groundnut oil.

Sesame Oil

Chekko Sesame Oil is a sweet tasting oil that retains the natural goodness of sesame as it is processed using traditional cold press methods without additional of any chemicals or harmful solvents.

At present, traditionally extracted oils are considered as old fashioned! Refined oil & Olive oil are preferred more and considered more superior than Sesame oil. But Sesame Oil is in no way inferior, both olive oil & sesame oil are mono-unsaturated, cold-pressed and has similar health benefits. So, there is no need to substitute imported olive oil in our recipes and compromise on the taste of our tangy vathakuzhambu and idli milagaipodi! Sesame oil is purposefully named as Nallennai, proving that it is good and good only!

Chekko Sesame oil is high in Vitamin-E, low in saturated fat and completely free form trans-fats that are unhealthy. The Chekko Sesame Oil has good amount of mono unsaturated and poly unsaturated fats that gives them the unique taste and colour. Chekko Sesame Oil is ideal for taking oil-bath.

Coconut Oil

Chekko Coconut oil can be ideally used for cooking, skin care and other purposes. Extracted using traditional cold press method, Chekko Coconut oil helps in building immunity and boosting metabolism. It can make your Avial and More-Kuzhambu tastier with little addition of pure Chekko coconut oil. The sweet tasting Chekko coconut oil retains all medicinal and antioxidant properties as it is produced without addition of any chemicals.

Coconut oil has received bad publicity that it's high in saturated fatty acids, which are considered potential artery cloggers, ironically it has medium chain fatty acids that are heart protectors. Cold pressed coconut oil is highly beneficial for many ailments as it contains lauric acid. It has tremendous antioxidant properties.

Cold-pressed coconut oil smells delicious. It will smoke if heated too much and is unsuitable for deep frying. But it is perfect for tempering of poriyals and chutneys. It can also be used for garnishing Aviyal, Coconut Rice, Kootu or More-Kuzhambu.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a yellow liquid extracted from pure castor seeds which has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It is known for its therapuetic and medicinal benefits. Castor is known for cleaning the stomach and improving digestion.

As Chekko castor oil is extracted using natural methods without using any chemicals, it is best suited for all types of home remedies that are in vogue. The castor seeds are typically ground into a paste and then pressed heavily until the seed paste expels the oil. The first-pressed oil is sold unrefined without any chemical additives.

Castor oil can be used for vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. Particularly for making dhall, curry leaves and others. It can make your recipes healthy and tasty. Chekko Castor Oil is the safe bet for sure therapeutic results. It can also be used for lighting the lamps at home.